Graduation Ceremony
The Enlightened Sentencing Project

Fifth Graduation Ceremony
September 25, 2001

  1. Probationers learned the TM technique:
    7 steps during the first week, 1 hr/day

  2. Completed advanced classes: 2 days/week,  for 2 hrs/day, for 3-1/2 months

  3. Follow-up checking of the meditation practice over several months: 1 hr/month

Ruffina F. Anklesaria, Project Manager
The Enlightened Sentencing Project

Fifth Graduation Ceremony
of probationers who have learned the TM technique
and evaluation period, September 25, 2001

Course Completion Essay, Sept 22, 2001
"I've been clean now 6 months 19 days"
"My children are real proud of me"

Farrokh reads the Course Completion Essays

Graduates, families, and friends

Judge Autrey congratulated for his bravery by
recommending a new technique in a conservative career

"I used to have an angry temper,
before learning TM"

Corey: "Judge Anna Forder put it to me like this:  If I ever see you again, no one will ever see you again.” 
"So she put me in the Enlightened Sentencing. "

Judge Forder is happy that Corey
hasn't been back before her
since she sentenced him to learn TM

Donald: "My relationship with my family and friends has changed dramatically for the better. I owe it all to TM. "

Brent: "My whole world revolved around drugs "
"Since I’ve started TM, the urges are gone."

Cory:  "I've been in and out of jail since I was 14...
most of my life...I have a 13-month old son now..."

"This TM gives me what I need to carry out my accepted into Sanford Brown College"

Congratulations New Graduates

Congratulations Graduates

Hon. Judge Anna C. Forder, Circuit Judge,
22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri
"I hope that the legal profession will realize that a matter of human beings being able
to take control of themselves...I think the TM program
has tremendous potential and future in criminal justice."

Hon. Judge Joan Berger, Circuit Judge,
22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri
"I have been using the Enlightened Sentencing
program for those brought before me,
and am inspired by the results
to use it more often in sentencing."

Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey, Circuit Judge
"Sentencing is the hardest thing a Judge has to do.
We prefer to see those brought before us
become productive citizens"

Hon. Justice Laura Stith, Judge,
Supreme Court of Missouri
"We want to congratulate the graduates"

Farrokh and Judge Stith call the names for graduation

Judge Stith presents graduation certificate

The Enlightened Sentencing Project