wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)His Worship Judge Michael S. King, PhD
Stipendiary Magistrate, Western Australia

Introduction by
Hon. Judge David C. Mason
22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri

Michael King is a secondary magistrate. He is the only magistrate resident in Geraldton, Australia.  Thatís 420 kilometers to the north of Perth.  Do you want to translate 420 kilometers into miles for us? [laughter]  Thatís in Western Australia, and as some of you may or may or not know Australia is divided in to, I think, six states as I recall.  And one of those is Western Australia and Perth is the underrated city, in my opinion, of Australia.  Itís a huge wonderful city and Sydney gets all the press but Perth is the place to go.


He exercises criminal, civil, and family law jurisdiction and is a district coroner well, which is a district judicial officer in Australia. He has assisted Jo Turner on circling other towns in his jail magisterial district. Before I get to the rest, I want to tell you a little bit about how judges are selected in Australia, because quite frankly as strong as my ego is I couldnít pass the test. [laughter]


In that country you need to be essentially a consensus candidate of the Bar, where everybody looks up to you and tells you about your intellect, your integrity, your trustworthiness, your confidence.  And thatís only to make it on the Bench in that country. So being on the Bench is a testament to the kind of attorney he was. I want to talk a bit about the kind of attorney he is, and then the Protest and Dispute Tribunal of the Great Northern Football League.  And I donít know if you have seen Australian Rules Football, but pictureÖ


wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)His Worship Dr. Michael S. King
Stipendiary Magistrate, Western Australia

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