August 2005 Graduation Ceremony
Historic Event in Corrections

Graduation Ceremony
Enlightened Sentencing Program
Transcendental Meditation

Graduation Ceremony for Graduates of
The Enlightened Sentencing Project

Monday August 29, 2005, at 6.00 p.m.
TESP center in downtown St Louis at
55 Plaza Square, St Louis, MO 63103

Guest of Honor

The Honorable Michael A. Wolff
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri

Dartmouth College, 1967
University of Minnesota Law School, 1970
St. Louis University School of Law faculty, 1975
Special Counsel to the Governor, 1994-1998

Picture and Audio Clips from the Video

August 29, 2005 Graduation

September 2001 Graduation

September 2004 Graduation

The Enlightened Sentencing Project

The Honorable Justice Michael A. Wolff
Chief Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri
"I have been most impressed with the work that you and the judges have done to improve the lives of your graduates.   From their enthusiastic reports, I discern that your students have found in your program a source of personal strength, self-awareness and self-control that has had the remarkable effect of helping them to keep themselves out of the criminal justice system.   They and you [Farrokh and Ruffina Anklesaria] are to be congratulated for the life changes that have been effected.